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Fruit Gift Baskets delivery
 Healthy Fruit and VegiesIt is unfamiliar that men generally experience a greater rate of condition than women - but it is not all bad news, says Kacy Fletcher of The Fruit Basket Company in Sydney, New South Wales.

Through a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, and with frequent exercise health risk variables can be reduced. And sharing a fruit hamper filled with seasonal fruit is an efficient way to encourage the man in your life to enjoy more fresh fruits.

"It's difficult to refute junk food and the benefit of unhealthy food," said Fletcher, who offers fresh fruit delivery to offices, medical centers and suburbs in the Sydney. "But they can be "urged" towards healthy eating and walking away from the drive thru. Fresh, tasty fruit accessible most times fo the day is an important step.".

"Eating a lot more fruit has such a major effect on decreasing the risk of lifestyle health problems. Providing a Fruit Hamper is a reliable way to help men try in a fun, lighthearted way with a healthy diet.".

"There is a silent health crisis in Australia," said Dr. David Gruhein in a recent article on the Men's Health Network. Gruhein warned about the parlous state of men's health. "It's a sad fact that, on average, Australian men live sicker and die younger than Australian women.".

Fruit Arrangements Delivered

Fruit Baskets Delivered is a Sydney, NSW-based company that delivers superior quality, local fruit to the office environment. Since 2007, Market Fresh Fruit Baskets and Hampers is Sydney's only taste-tested foodie fruit delivery service and is highly recommended by clients for beauttiful presentation, handwritten personal messages and designer handpicked fruit arrangements.

Sydney Fresh Fruit Hampers is a local family owned business. Every week, the Fruit-Baskets website delivers just delicious fruit to over 300 Sydney area workers helping share the compassion and bereavement life events as well as baby gift baskets and get well soon baskets.

For more information on Fresh Fruit and for a glimpse at what goes into a Sydney Fruit Hamper contact 1300 284 684 for more information.

Find Handmade Crafts and Design

Wild Things Clay - featured artisan
Find out more about Wild Things Clay...

Being honest with your personal style does not mean being inflexible with your actual products – Susan moved from jewellery to homewares to meet her changing customer profile as she moved away from online towards face to face at the markets.
After cutting her teeth making small jewellery pieces with a view to online selling and the realities of low cost shipping firmly in mind – Susan found she was drifting away from what she really wanted to create, and also entering a saturated market (jewellery) filled with highly competitive, established products.

Australian emerging artisans and handmade makers
What inspires me about finding handmade.

Handmade is authentic, original and genuine and has a real energy that is in complete
contrast to the mass produced consumer culture of industrial manufacturing.
Hamndmade has a local story - a human side that we can connect to and engage with -
and I hope the interviews and insights shared in demonstrate this

My idea of handmade is local, connected and passionate - with makers simply 'into'
what they do and turning a profit doing something that they love.  It can't be any
purer than that - doing something you love and getting paid for it.  I hope we can
all help and support the makers of handmade and keep that vision alive in your local community.
Hnamdade artisan sharing her latest work.

Travel Photographer Markets Stall

maria from a little gypsy in my soul
Maria from a Little Gypsy in My Soul
As a well travelled photographer, Maria from Little Gypsy in my Soul captures the vibrant energy of ethnic communities and brings the everyday to life in her photography.  And as a stallholder selling at the markets, she enjoys a successful business brand selling her images to an ever-changing passin crowd at Sydney Local Markets each weekend.

Here's an excerpt from a recent interview...

Maria shares that her images provoke people into sharing their own their travel stories, and how some people feel awkward taking images when they are on holiday – returning as you do with a catalogue of meaningless wide angle landscapes or cut in half statues instead of capturing the actual moment and personal feel of the destination.  A Little Gypsy in My Soul certainly captures the essence of place that travel opens inside you – I can imagine customers appropriating one of Maria’s pieces as a touchstone for their own travel story.  And this is essentially what handmade and unique pieces bring to people who shop at the markets – a personal story embedded in a object – something quite out of the ordinary.

Arts + Crafts Designer Local Markets Australia

red russian dolls on display
coathangers in rows at the handmade markets australiaclothes made by hand at the regional market event"Art and Crafts at your Local Markets is a fine art and craft festival 
opportunity for all markets stallholders and hobbyists to get involved and share their wares."  Says Brendan from the
"Plus a free event and open to the public means you can share what you have to offer with many walk by customers."

With a strong focus on local produced, handmade products, it is no wonder the organizers did not allow any manufactured stallholders to participate.  It's all handcrafted, handmade and hand designed from Australian local Arts and Crafts producers.

People who make a living from doing the things that they love, and obviously have a strong affinity and talent for, is what we are all about.  Without a doubt, the rise of two dollar shops and corporate retailers have made it increasingly difficult for local handmade vendors to compete.  But it is hard to deny the passion and creativity behind locally handmade products crafted right here in Sydney and Melbourne for Australian Local Markets.

People simply appreciate the quirky detail in something handmade – it’s unusual and unique.

There is something to be said about the diversity of artists and designers coming from all over the country to share their hard work at the markets.  Most people are impressed with the sheer number of people who are trying to make a living producing fine arts and authentic crafts.

Buying one of a kind patterns from local textile designers and recycled and repurposed jewellery makes for the ideal unique gift giving opportunity. 

Watch out for edgy local designs, inspired by the youth appeal of the pierced, tattoo audience.  Typically, you can expect the unexpected from stallholders who show their wares at your regional markets.  And add to that the colour and flair of live music performances, the opportunity to connect with the artists in person and the general vibe of the markets, and you have a winning combination.

 Put yourself out there, reach out to new customers, and get involved with the booming local arts and crafts markets for a rewarding way to spend your day with your family.

Personal Reflections On Handmade

When my grandfather moved into supported care, he left behind a home filled with tapestries, artworks and blown glass.  He was an avid traveller in his younger days, and glass from Venice, tapestries from Verona and artworks from San Francisco coloured his walls and cabinets. 

But above all, one of my most treasured memories is a hand made blue wren balancing on a wisp of grass, delicately embroidered onto fabric.  Now, the wren in its out of style frame adorns my daughters’ bedroom, competing with the multicoloured posters and digital screens with an ageless, silent dignity – all because it is handmade.

I can imagine my grandfather knew the gentle inner peace that came with sitting by the little blue wren, in a sunny spot by his window, and taking the time to slowly create the handmade work of art.  A kind of moving meditation where the needle and thread worked in rhythm with his worn hands and before his eyes emerged a dainty Blue Wren. 

Still meaningful, the wren is a quiet reminder of my grandfather and a testament to his patience and perseverence.

In the same way, handmade simply is meaningful in an age where planned obsolescence is part of  everyday expectations. 

We have acquired so much stuff and clutter that we have moved beyond  collecting to the point that minimalism has enjoyed its’ moment – and now, as we evolve further, handmade and local and known sources are the new keywords. 

Enjoy handmade, and share your experiences with your family and friends.