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maria from a little gypsy in my soul
Maria from a Little Gypsy in My Soul
As a well travelled photographer, Maria from Little Gypsy in my Soul captures the vibrant energy of ethnic communities and brings the everyday to life in her photography.  And as a stallholder selling at the markets, she enjoys a successful business brand selling her images to an ever-changing passin crowd at Sydney Local Markets each weekend.

Here's an excerpt from a recent interview...

Maria shares that her images provoke people into sharing their own their travel stories, and how some people feel awkward taking images when they are on holiday – returning as you do with a catalogue of meaningless wide angle landscapes or cut in half statues instead of capturing the actual moment and personal feel of the destination.  A Little Gypsy in My Soul certainly captures the essence of place that travel opens inside you – I can imagine customers appropriating one of Maria’s pieces as a touchstone for their own travel story.  And this is essentially what handmade and unique pieces bring to people who shop at the markets – a personal story embedded in a object – something quite out of the ordinary.

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