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Being honest with your personal style does not mean being inflexible with your actual products – Susan moved from jewellery to homewares to meet her changing customer profile as she moved away from online towards face to face at the markets.
After cutting her teeth making small jewellery pieces with a view to online selling and the realities of low cost shipping firmly in mind – Susan found she was drifting away from what she really wanted to create, and also entering a saturated market (jewellery) filled with highly competitive, established products.

Australian emerging artisans and handmade makers
What inspires me about finding handmade.

Handmade is authentic, original and genuine and has a real energy that is in complete
contrast to the mass produced consumer culture of industrial manufacturing.
Hamndmade has a local story - a human side that we can connect to and engage with -
and I hope the interviews and insights shared in demonstrate this

My idea of handmade is local, connected and passionate - with makers simply 'into'
what they do and turning a profit doing something that they love.  It can't be any
purer than that - doing something you love and getting paid for it.  I hope we can
all help and support the makers of handmade and keep that vision alive in your local community.
Hnamdade artisan sharing her latest work.


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